About Us

Recipelia has been created with the hope as it’s tag line suggests “A free encyclopedia of recipe” and we hope one day it will really become so.It is not merely a food blog, It is a leading resource of recipe finder of all types of food and drink. Recipelia is open to all. Everyone can submit his/her recipe to it.We publish meticulously tested recipes that really work; in-depth, science-based explanations of cooking techniques that are truly reliable.

Our approach to our work in the kitchen is serious, but the results are for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore food nerd making a special-occasion feast or a casual, once-a-week cook who’s just looking for your next dinner. Likewise, we take seriously our responsibility to publish recipes and food-related features that are useful, interesting and accurate. Each of the recipe which we publish is methodically judged by our dedicated skilled culinary professionals. We don’t publish a new recipe until our team are satisfied.

Our Recipe Editors

Mrs. Itu Nath

Itu Nath-Recipelia

Mrs. Itu Nath is our Chief recipe editor. Recipelia is her brain child. By profession a beautician, she is very much fond of cooking. And this passion of cooking inspired her to create Recipelia which we believe one day will become a encyclopedia of recipe. She has an expertise of cooking different types of food but her speciality is Continental dishes.

Mr Probir Kumar Seal

Probir Kumar Seal-Recipelia

Mr. Probir Kumar Seal is a senior member of our editorial team. He has 30 years of cooking experience. He is an experimentalist; love to experiment with different types of ingredients and always try to innovate a new mouthwatering recipe. He is a specialist in Indian and Chinese cuisine.

Mr. Samrat Samanta

Astrocolour Samrat Shivsadhak

Young And energetic with vast experience of cooking, Mr Samrat Samanta is the youngest member of our editorial team. He is a specialist cook of Indian dishes particularly of Punjabi cuisine. We are lucky to get him in our team

Mrs. Baishakhi Biswas

Baishakhi Biswas-Editor-Recipelia

Mrs. Baishakhi Biswas is a senior editor of our editorial team. She is well versed in French Language and literature. Her urged for learning cooking of foreign dishes ultimately led her to a destination. She is a very good cook of French dishes and patisserie. It is an honour for us to get her in our team

Mr. Barun Sinha Roy


By profession Mr. Barun Sinha Roy is an administrative officer of insurance sector. Cooking is his passion and he is a very good cook of different Indian dishes specially Bengali cuisine. He don’t believe in dieting rather he believes in the theory of Die Eating. Mr. Sinha Roy is an editor of our team and we are proud of getting such a person in our team.