Format of Post

Halo user, it’s nice to see you here. Recipelia is a free recipe wiki where every one can share his/her recipe with the world. If you are willing to submit your recipe, you can do it in the bellow format:
  1. Every recipe must have a unique name and an Image. Before writing a recipe check at search box to find if there is any recipe with that name. If that recipe exist, please change your recipe name
  2. Every recipe should have a brief introduction and name of the country of it’s origin
  3. Every recipe should have a mention of for how many people the ingredients are taken of and approximate time require to prepare the dish
  4. Every recipe should have a list of ingredients
  5. Every recipe have a preparing process or instruction in details
  6. It should bear the garnishing process if required
  7. Every recipe post should have name of the writer. You can add the link at the end of the post if you have any food blog or website