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Shrikhand is a sweet dish of India made using hung curd and powdered sugar. It is basically an assortment of silky smooth curd with a hint of saffron and cardamom flavor and a crunch of dry fruits.

Shrikhand- Recipelia

State or RegionMaharashtra
Main IngredientsHung curd, Sugar,
Serving4 Servings


For making hung curd
Fresh full fat curd (yogurt)- 4.5 cups
For making Shrikhand
Sugar- 8 to 9 tablespoon add as per taste
Cardamom powder- ½ teaspoon
Saffron strands- 3 pinch
Warm milk- ½ tablespoon
Crushed pistachio- 7 to 8


Making of hung curd
Take a deep bowl and a strainer.
Put the muslin cloth or clean, pure cotton cloth over the strainer.
Add the fresh curd (not sour one) into the prepared strainer
Bring the four edges of the cloth and squeeze it lightly, you will notice the whey/liquid is dripping.
Tie the edges of the cloth.
Now place some weight on the tied cloth and Keep the whole thing in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours or overnight. Always take the bowl which is deep, otherwise the strainer will touch the collected liquid in the bowl and there will be some whey in the curd.
All the whey will be drained by next day and the hung curd will be ready to make shrikhand.
Collect the hung curd in a container with a spatula.
Making of Shrikhand
Stir 3 pinch of saffron strands with 1/2 tbsp warm milk in a small bowl and keep aside for future use.
Take the hung curd in a bowl.
Add powdered sugar and lightly stir with a spoon.
Then add the milk-saffron mix that you have kept aside.
Whip the hung curd by an electric beater or in a blender until it becomes smooth. Add more sugar if required.
Collect the curd in a bowl. Your Shrikhand is ready.
You can keep the shrikhand in fridge for serving later.


Garnish with crushed pistachios and some sliced dry fruits on top. Serve chilled.