Smoked Hilsa

  Fish Recipe, Side Dish

Hilsa is the king of fishes and the most mouth watering fish among all the fishes available in Bengal.This fish is generally found in sweet river water and possess a distinctive silver like shining body.Hilsa can be prepared in different ways, among which the the most popular and super delicious is “Smoked Hilsa”. Smoked Hilsa is an uncommon recipe. The recipe is quite simple yet lip smacking.

Smoked Hilsa-Recipelia

Region/StateWest Bengal
Main IngredientsHilsa fish, Red chili powder
Tomato sauce, Onion paste


6-8 slices Hilsa fish
Quarter cup Oil
A small spoon Turmeric powder
1 tea spoon Ginger paste
½ tea spoon Red chili powder
1 tea spoon Tomato sauce
1 tea spoon Vinegar
2 table spoon Onion paste
Salt to taste
Charcoal and foil


Marinate the hilsa fish slices in a pan with all the ingredients and keep it for 2-3 hours.
Now cook it in a low heat for 1 hour.Put the pan off the stove when broth becomes dried and gives a burnt smell.
Now pick the hilsa fish slices with broth and keep the slices in a bowl with glass lid. Now make foil’s bowl and put it on the fish slices.
Now heat the charcoal and when it becomes red, put it over the foil’s bowl. Now add a little bit butter over the charcoal and cover it with a lid.
After a few minutes cast off the charcoal and foil.
Here is your Smoked Hilsa is ready to serve!


Smoked Hilsa goes well when served with steamed rice